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Interior/Exterior Painting
Prep work is the most important part of painting. All areas that are to be painted should be checked for imperfections of drywall, grease, water stains; spackling and sanding of rough areas. This is crucial to getting a professional job. The staff at Olewine painting can take care of any prep work you may need. We use only the best name brand paints and primers including Sherwin Williams and MAB. We will be happy to provide you with paint-swatches to help you choose the perfect color(s) for your project.

In any painting job, we use drop cloths throughout, including areas not being painted so your flooring is protected. Our staff is professional, clean, and curtious and will get your job done on time and affordably!

Want to refinish your old wood or have new wood stained? Our staff can accomodate any request you may have. When staining new wood, a conditioner should be used first to prevent shading in different grains of wood. Sanding sealers are used for sealing wood, sanding in-between coats, as well as tack cloths before using a polyurethane finish. There are many different stain colors and gloss finishes to choose from. Please contact our staff for samples and different options.

Wallpaper Stripping
When removing vinyl wallpaper, the vinyl paper will pull off easily but the paste that was used is a clay paste, and is almost impossible to remove. If you are considering painting instead of wallpapering, we can bring your walls back to a smooth finish by applying a primer first, then a skim coat of spackle. Please contact us with your questions.

Window Glazing
In most cases, windows that need to be re-glazed are due to the fact they were not primed beforehand. The glazing falls out because the bare wood absorbed the oils of the glazing and adhesion was lost. Our staff will remove your old glazing, prime the wood, and re-glaze making your windows like new again.

Carpentry Work
We can install crown molding, stained or painted; chair rail, baseboard, wood casing, and doors. We can also replace wood on your deck as well. Please call us today for a free estimate.

Pressure Washing
If your siding is chalking, which means if you wipe your hand over it, and the paint is on your hands, this must be cleaned before painting. We will cover all doors, windows and protect areas for painting. 90% of the time, we will spray an acrylic latex paint. Most of the time, it covers in one coat depending on color. We can also pressure wash your decks to remove mildew. If your sidewalks and patios are discoloring due to not enough sunlight or weather, they can also be pressure washed.

Some Of Our Commercial Work

  • East Allen Township Fire Co. - Exterior Painting
  • Salad Works, Cedar Crest Blvd. - Wallpapering and Painting Interior
  • Old Bethlehem Club, Bethlehem, Offices Conversion - Interior Painting
  • Glemser Technology - Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Centers, Lehigh Valley - Interior Painting
  • Clearrie Chiropractic, Bath - Interior Painting;
  • Hanover Engineering Offices, Hanover Township - Interior Painting

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